Motel-pizzeria Actros is situated next to the main road Banjaluka – Gradiska. It is 33 km away from Banjaluka, 14 km from Gradiska, on the main route to Beograd – Zagreb highway, working 24 hours a day – 7 days a week and stands for famous favorite place for your refreshment and relaxation on the journey.
Actros was founded in 1998. Continual long-term investments created modern sports and recreational complex together with eight bungalows for sleepover, pizzeria with three separate guest rooms, summer terrace for over 250 guests, two swimming pools, sport courts, kid’s playground and big parking lot with excellent car wash.
Highly equipped high-end facilities and very friendly and confidential staff members are our main attributes, ones that distinguish motel pizzeria Actros from all others. Big number of regular and returning guests and visitors is the indicator of quality that we provide and our additional reason to be even better in our work.

As a result and confirmation of
many years of hard work we
have numerous awards