Children’s playground
For our offspring we provide fully equipped playground with multiple kinds of fun possible.
Small cars, swings, seesaws, slides and trampoline is already there. Children safety is well covered by kid’s entertainers who play with them. You can relax and enjoy your drink and pizza while they have fun.
If you did not visit us yet, do it as soon as possible and take your children with you. Their satisfaction and enjoyment will be the best sign of our quality.
We are certain that restaurant and pizzeria Actros is your right choice


Sport courts
Sport courts for soccer and basketball are ideal for training, as well as organizing football and basketball tournaments, etc. Their big advantage are roof-covered stands and complete safety nets coverage. Excellent lighting that offers possibility of organizing night trainings and tournaments, as well as all additional contents of the sport complex that are at your service.
Traditionally, during summer we organize soccer tournaments for juniors. Dozens of teams from the region participate in this competition.
Besides concrete court there is a beach volley playground.


Parking and car wash
Big and safe parking is available for all our guests. While you enjoy in sport-recreational complex your car can be washed at very popular price of 10 BAM. If you travel, use a short brake for a coffee or lunch and continue the trip in cleaned and refreshed car.  SUV 13 BAM, interior wash 6 BAM, outdoor washing 6 BAM, outdoor washing SUV 8 BAM, wash 4 BAM